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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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A historical walking tour of Lucknow

As you’ll discover while we tour Lucknow’s monuments, the city is a blend of French, British and Nawab history…

By Prateek Hira
Owner of Tornos Tours, Alfred&'s partner in India

This walking tour of Lucknow is a must if you want to understand the history of the city, its Nawab and colonial roots. Our tours are led by knowledgeable local guides who can connect stories of the past with the present. You’ll start with a short horse-drawn carriage ride into the heart of the city and then explore some of Lucknow’s most important buildings and medieval markets. As you’ll discover, the city is a blend of French, British and Nawab history as well as Shiite culture – Lucknow has the largest population of Shiite people outside of Iran.

The monuments we visit tell the story of the Nawabs, who ruled this region in the 18th and 19th century, followed by the British until India won independence in 1947. Sights include the ruins of a palace destroyed during the fight for freedom and the site where the last Union Jack flag was pulled down. We spend a lot of time at The Residency, where the siege of 1857 occurred and around 3,000 British men, women and children died. It’s a powerful story of tragedy and struggle for liberation. You’ll also explore Dilkusha Park, where the British general Henry Havelock died.

Another key stop on the tour is La Martiniere, which was constructed by a soldier who switched sides from the French East India Company and rose to become a major general in the British force. Now a school, La Martiniere is known for its stunning architecture; our tour groups have special permission to visit the school and admire the design. It’s here that you’ll learn the story of Major William Hodson, another infamous figure in British colonial history, who’s buried here.


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Alfred & Prateek Hira

Prateek Hira hails from Lucknow and is the owner of Tornos Tours, which offers experiential tours of the city that reveal its hidden stories, led by local experts. After studying travel and tourism, Prateek founded the company in 1994 and now offers over 30 experiences on themes ranging from gastronomy to history and cultural walking tours of Lucknow.  
Prateek Hira, Lucknow tours