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Discover Cambodian cuisine with celebrity Chef Nak

This dining experience is about much more than just food, I invite you to join our family to create and share home-cooked Khmer meals….

By Chef Nak
Celebrity Chef and Cookbook Author

Chef Nak private dining experience

I call this trip a dining experience because it’s about much more than just food. I invite you to join our family to create and share home-cooked, seasonal Khmer meals. Each dish has a story attached to it and teaches you something about Cambodian history and culture, about how we live and eat. This isn’t a restaurant, you are guests in our traditional wooden home which is set in a village just outside of Phnom Penh where you can hear the birds and cows as you work.

The experience starts around 8.30am when we’ll meet you at your hotel before we head to the local market. This is very close to my heart because my mum was a server at the wet market, so growing up I spent a lot of time there learning about the fresh produce that came from all over Cambodia and tasting dishes from the food stalls. As we wander around the market, I’ll teach you about the different ingredients and there’s a chance to chat to local sellers.

At home, I’ll show you how to cook three Khmer dishes: a starter, main and dessert. The recipes are usually selected by me and feature fresh salads and local specialities such as crayfish from the Mekong. Sometimes, people know exactly what they want to cook or they have dietary restrictions, which I’m happy to accommodate. I can also send through some recipe suggestions from my cookbook before the tour. Whatever we decide to make though, it will be seasonal and typically Cambodian.

In between cooking each dish guests can relax, have a cold drink or a dip in the pool. We only work with one private group at a time so it’s a very relaxed, flexible schedule. Whatever we’ve cooked that morning will be our lunch together, accompanied by homemade drinks and cocktails (with advance request). I just love to talk about Cambodian food and share my passion; I’ve taught everybody from chefs to complete beginners, so I can tailor the experience to everyone’s abilities.

My job has taken me all over Cambodia, where I’ve learnt that cooking is an art form and every province and person has a different way of telling their stories through food. About three years ago, I started to preserve traditional recipes by publishing them in cookbooks and I hope to spread the message further through my dining experiences. I would love guests to tell the world that Cambodia is more than just the Killing Fields and beautiful Angkor Wat temples. I believe we have a lot more to offer and one way to showcase this is with our food.


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Alfred & Chef Nak

Nak is Cambodia’s first female celebrity chef, a cookbook author and star of the TV show, Lunchtime with Chef Nak. Her mission is to preserve  Khmer culture through food and her first cookbook, Nhum (which means 'to eat'), features 80 traditional recipes. Nak has her own menu at Phnom Penh’s prestigious Rosewood Hotel and consults for organisations like UNICEF on improving nutrition in Cambodia. Currently, Nak is working on a second cookbook that provides a different window into Khmer cuisine.  
Chef Nak


Your journey will start with one of our UK team – someone like James, who's travelled extensively in Cambodia. They’ll shape your ideas into the trip of a lifetime. But they won't do it alone. They'll draw on the expertise of our contacts on the ground, connecting you to the people who'll make your holiday one you'll always remember - the celebrity chef who can help you to rustle up home cooked Khmer meals, the guide who can show you the less-touristed parts of Angkor Wat and the locals who can give you a real insight into traditional village life.

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