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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Equine adventures at Bomani Tented Lodge

Here you have the freedom to roam off-road on tracts of land unreachable by a 4×4…

By Mark Butcher
Managing Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges

In the remote south-eastern part of Hwange National Park, Bomani Tented Lodge’s private concession offers open grassland and picturesque forest groves perfect for horse riding adventures. Here you have the freedom to roam off-road on tracts of land unreachable by a 4×4 vehicle.

Unlike many safari horse-riding expeditions, you don’t have to be an accomplished rider to enjoy this equine experience. The excursions have been carefully planned to accommodate everyone, even the novice, under the guidance of our highly qualified trackers. Atop easy-going horses, a rookie rider can saunter through the open country teeming with delightful plains game such as zebra, giraffe and kudu. Meander through networks of pretty pans that are just resplendent during the rains. Or you can visit the nearby village for an authentic insight into community life meeting friendly locals in the throes of herding cattle and basket weaving.

Expert riders get up at the crack of dawn to explore the waking wildlife. Wherever able, you canter alongside herds of moving wildebeest or race through soft-reeded wetland searching for larger game that remains undeterred by the presence of the horses, like cheetah and packs of wild dog. You may even be able to get close to Hwange’s resident elephants known for their good-natured temperaments.

After a day exploring the savanna, you’ll be red-cheeked from exhilaration. Then join our ritual of sipping an ice-cold gin. Anyone who’s visited this part of the world can testify to the glorious sunsets.


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Alfred & Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher is an eco-tourism professional with a passion for linking local communities directly to wildlife conservation. In the 80s, he was a ranger for the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife and later, the Provincial Wildlife Officer in the Matabeleland North Province adjacent to Hwange National Park. Mark is now the Managing Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges, a selection of properties that directly benefit disenfranchised communities around Hwange.


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