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Things to do in Laos

Exploring the mysterious Plain of Jars

On this day trip from Phonsavan, you’ll learn all about Laos war history and explore the famous Plain of Jars….

By Hangsalanh Dithavong
Asian Trails tour guide

Exploring the Mysterious the Plain of Jars

On this day trip from Phonsavan, you’ll learn all about Laos war history and explore the famous Plain of Jars. The trip starts with a stop at the local market in Phonsavan for a glimpse of local culture and food, before we drive to the Plain of Jars. These large stone pots, which date back to 500BC, are scattered across the countryside in Xieng Khoung Province.

No-one really knows what the jars were used for but archaeologists think they were probably ancient funeral urns. We’ll show you around several of the best jar sites near Phonsavan and explain the different theories connected to these mysterious jars. You’ll also get some beautiful hill-top views over the Laos countryside.

There’s time for a quick stop at the ancient temple ruins of Muang Khoun before lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, guests get to learn about the Secret War, which took place during the Vietnam conflict. As part of their campaign to disrupt the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the USA bombed Laos for nine years, dropping over two million tons of ordnance on our country.

You can see the scars of this conflict in the bomb craters that mark the countryside and the tons of unexploded ordnance that still unfortunately kill and injure people today. At Ban Naphia, the War Spoon Village, you’ll see how enterprising locals have learned to make a living by turning bombshells into bracelets, spoons and household goods.

On the way back to Phonsavan, guests enjoy a quick stop at the Mulberries Organic Silk Farm to find out how Laos textiles are made. Mulberry trees are the main diet for silk worms, which you’ll see being raised at the farm. The tour takes you through the whole silk production process and explains how natural dyes are made using plants such as indigo, jackfruit and tamarind.


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Alfred & Hangsalanh Dithavong

Hongsalanh is a Luang Prabang local who loves travel, sports and adventure. He has been working as a freelance tour guide for over 10 years, the last four of those have been with Asian Trails. Hongsalanh particularly likes showing guests the real Luang Prabang, sharing stories with people from around the world and practising his English language skills.
Hangsalanh Dithavong, Asian Trails Laos tour guide


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