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Staying with a H’mong family in Sapa

Our homestay offers guests the chance to stay in a traditional H’mong house while enjoying the comforts of the Victoria brand…

Surangkhana Laisakul
Victoria Sapa Room Division Manager

Our homestay offers guests the chance to stay in a traditional H’mong house with the Thao Mi Moo family while enjoying the comforts of the Victoria brand. This is a real H’mong home that Victoria staff have set up with western mattresses and linen, so visitors can be comfortable while experiencing the real life of the H’mong people, who originally migrated to Sapa from southern China in the 18th century.

From Sapa town, our car will take you to Y Linh Ho Village, where you’ll walk with a local H’mong or Red Dao guide to the homestay in Lao Chai Village. It’s an easy walk of around two to three hours and on the way, you’ll get to see Sapa’s rice terraces, buffalo, small streams and ethnic villages. If you come between June and September, this is the best time to see the rice fields in full bloom.

The Thao Mi Moo family will greet you, the couple have three small kids and built their home 10 years ago. The house is made of wood and there are two floors. You’ll stay in comfy, basic rooms with woven textiles and bamboo and rattan furniture. As farmers, each year the family produces one rice crop and hosts around 20 visitors a month. Since they speak English, you can learn about the lifestyle of the Black H’mong people, who live only in Sapa. If it’s rice farming season, you can even help in the fields if you want to.

The location of our homestay is very spectacular, it’s on the top of a hill and when you look down you can see rice terraces around the house. It’s located in Lao Chai, a must-visit destination in Sapa. If our guests arrive early they have a chance to walk around the village to meet residents from the two minority groups, Black H’mong and Zay, who speak different languages, wear different costumes and have different ways of living.

At the homestay, you can experience a traditional herbal foot bath, made from spicy mountain herbs picked by the Red Dao people with knowledge that’s been transferred from generation to generation. They know exactly what kind of plants to use to boost blood circulation and relieve muscle tension after your trek. You also get the chance to make a batik painting, with beeswax and indigo-dyed fabric, a H’mong tradition.

After a relaxing afternoon, Miss Moo will cook a mixture of H’mong and Vietnamese food. Guests will have a chance to cook with the family, preparing vegetables and dishes such as spring rolls. It will be a regional food experience with ingredients from their garden. You can enjoy the dinner with the family over an open fire, watching sunset over the rice terraces, it’s a very beautiful experience.


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Alfred & Surangkhana Laisakul

Surangkhana Laisakul is from Bangkok, Thailand, but has lived in the Sapa region of Vietnam for eight years. She has been working for Victoria for six of those as guest experience and room division manager and is passionate about providing a five-star service for guests and sharing her expert knowledge about Vietnam, particularly the Sapa region.
Surangkhana Laisakul

Alfred & our Vietnam holiday experts

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