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Things to do in India

The Agra countryside bike tour

As we cycle into the countryside the scenery changes to fields with grazing buffalos, with unique views of the Taj Mahal from afar…

By Amit Sisodia
Founder of Agra Beat, Alfred&'s partner in India

Discover another side of Agra on this countryside bike tour, where you’ll get to meet locals and enjoy unique views of the Taj Mahal, minus the crowds. The tour starts early in the morning as we cycle through the streets of Agra. It’s a very old Mughal city with narrow streets, so travelling by bike is convenient, plus rickshaws and cars aren’t allowed around the Taj, so cycling is very safe. On the way, we might see the akharas, wrestlers who practise in the mud, without mats – people love this.

I’m from Agra and like showing off the hidden side of my city beyond its famous monuments, taking guests to the rural outskirts where people still live off the land. As we cycle 10-15 minutes into the countryside the scenery changes to fields of crops with grazing buffalos and cows, you might spot women working on the potato and wheat crops and kids going to school. We stop in the village where we’ll help you interact with local families; you can see their daily routines and have tea and pakoras.

As well as making a living from agriculture, you’ll also see families of carpet weavers, a traditional art form in Agra. Meeting the village potter is a highlight; you can even have a go at making mud tumblers. Passing the school, we climb a mound that has spectacular views of the Taj Mahal from a distance. Funnily enough, this is where the villagers make cow dung patties to dry in the sun, so you get an insight into local life while admiring views of the Taj. Guests often tell me this cycling tour was one of the most authentic experiences of their whole India trip.


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Alfred & Amit Sisodia

Amit Sisodia was born and brought up in Agra. After completed his master's degree, he decided to follow a career in tourism, initially in his home town but then moving to Delhi. While working in the capital, he realised that Agra had huge potential for experiential tourism as there were very few options available for the tourists apart from the monuments. So he returned to Agra and started doing walking tours, bicycle tours, food walks, as well as other activities and experiences, with the aim of connecting visitors to the city's people and culture.
Amit Sisodia, Agra Guide