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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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The Jaipur organic farm and village tour

Meet the real people of India and contribute to social uplift for the rural community on this village farm tour…

By Jaideo Rathore
Owner of Ikaki Niwas and the Ikaki Bagh Model Organic Farm project

Visit the Ikaki Bagh project, our organic farm and village in rural Jaipur. I’ve been working with the community here since 2010, when I started converting the land into an organic farm. When the locals saw it was successful, they started inviting me to their school committee meetings, where they appealed for money to fix simple issues like their drinking water system. That’s when I had the idea to create a sustainable tourism model, whereby people can visit the village and learn about farming, with part of the cost going directly back into the community.

The tour starts from Jaipur around 8.30am, arriving at the village school on the outskirts of the city an hour later. You can watch the kids go about their daily routine; they might be cleaning their classroom in preparation for lessons or having their morning milk – the government has introduced a programme where every kid gets a glass of milk at school. You often get the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the students. This has done wonders for their confidence. When guests first came the children were very shy but now they engage confidently and shake hands.

Next, we’ll walk around the village, where you’ll see the local houses and meet the residents. It’s a very natural and impromptu experience. You might see people making chapatis or women sewing – it’s a mindful, collaborative style of tourism. I know all of the families personally and will talk to you about rural life and help you interact with villagers. The tour continues with a walk through and explanation of our organic farming before ending with a traditional Indian lunch.

I think the trip offers visitors something different – it’s a chance to meet the real people of India. In turn, this has created social uplift for the community – so far, we’ve managed to construct two classrooms and a bathroom. We’re also taking up projects with other schools in the area to supply them with clean drinking water. The tour is great for guests who are looking for an immersive experience and want to learn about India on a deeper level.


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Alfred & Jaideo Rathore

As a philanthropist and Master in business, Jaideo Rathore is passionate about enhancing the lives of others and protecting the environment for future generations. He is the owner of Ikaki Niwas, an award-winning boutique hotel in his home-town Jaipur, and Managing Director of the trail-blazing Ikaki Bagh Model Organic Farm project.
Jaideo Rathore, Owner of Ikaki Niwas and the Ikaki Bagh Model Organic Farm project