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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Track cheetah and lions at Mugie Conservancy

Search for two of Laikipia’s big cats and discover the conservation work taking place at Mugie Conservancy with an expert guide…

By Bronwyn Townsend
Travel writer and Alfred& customer

Joining one of Governor’s expert wildlife guides, we tracked down lions and cheetahs that are being studied as part of the conservation programmes taking place at Mugie Conservancy – Lion Landscapes and the Africa Range-wide Cheetah Conservation Initiative. With our guide, we ventured out to find the two collared lionesses and one collared male cheetah that are tracked to better understand the pride’s movement and the relationship between human activity, such as farming, and wildlife. Using our guide’s expert knowledge of lion and cheetah behaviour, combined with tracking equipment, we managed to find Zuri, the male cheetah and three female lionesses that call Mugie Conservancy home.

Throughout our tracking experience, we worked with our guide to look for signs of lion and cheetah activity, including paw prints and scat. These clues gave us an idea of how recently the animals had been in the area and made tracking them even more thrilling. Moving through the dense olive forests to the open savannah, our eagle-eyed guide helped us with the search for Africa’s largest and fastest big cats. Lion and cheetah tracking was the perfect activity, as the private 50,000-acre wildlife conservancy lends itself to intimate wildlife encounters, without the crowds.

Along the way, we enjoyed sightings of the multitude of wildlife that inhabit Mugie Conservancy including Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, impala, hyenas and elephants, as well as endangered species, such as reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra. Without the larger groups of visitors, we were able to bask in the company of these wonderful animals and observe their behaviour without interruption. Tracking lions and cheetahs is one of the most exciting safari experiences, topped off with the reward of spending quality time with them once found.


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Alfred & Bronwyn Townsend

Bronwyn Townsend is an Australian travel writer and photographer, now based in London. Her quest for immersive experiences has seen her snorkel with orcas in an Arctic winter in Norway, hike Australia’s outback while living in a caravan for three months, and explore the site of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, as well as experience the wildlife and people of Kenya on an Alfred& holiday. Bronwyn is passionate about adventure and wildlife travel, and strongly believes in connecting with the communities she visits.
Bronwyn Townsend, Travel Writer and Alfred& Customer


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