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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

Things to do in Kenya

Visit a Maasai village

Visit Simba village in the Maasai Mara to interact with the local community and learn about their lifestyle…

By Stephen Miinge
Assistant General Manager, Sand River Maasai Mara

On this trip from Sand River to a Maasai village in the Mara, you’ll get to meet and interact with the local community and learn about their lifestyle. Traditionally nomadic, they’re pastoralists who dress in iconic scarlet robes and believe that their cattle are sacred. Maasai people are very proud of their culture, I don’t know any other community with such a strong, unique identity.

We’ll take you to Simba village, which is just a couple of kilometres from the gate of Selenkay Conservancy. You’ll be greeted with singing and dancing, followed by a cultural talk which explains the history of the Maasai community and lifestyle. Find out what they eat, how they used to hunt and why their lives revolve around their cattle. There’s a chance to walk around the homestead, which is filled with manyatta huts, and see women making the famous beaded necklaces.

The trip is a highlight for guests because they learn how beautiful the Maasai culture is and can see how it’s evolved over time. For instance, Maasai people used to kill lions to become warriors but now they’ve learned the importance of supporting wildlife and conservation instead. Guests enjoy taking part in the dancing, practising spear-throwing and learning ancient fire-making techniques.


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Alfred & Stephen Miinge

Stephen Miinge is a hospitality professional with ten years’ experience, often working in remote locations across Kenya. He’s now the Assistant General Manager at Sand River and is passionate about tailoring memorable experiences for guests. Stephen works closely with the local Maasai community and loves taking photos and videos of the Maasai Mara to share on his social media platforms.
Stephen Miinge, Assistant General Manager, Sand River Maasai Mara


Your journey will start with one of our UK team – someone like Annette, who's travelled extensively in Kenya. They’ll shape your ideas into the trip of a lifetime. But they won't do it alone. They'll draw on the expertise of our contacts on the ground, connecting you to the people who'll make your holiday one you'll always remember - the rangers who'll ensure you'll spot the best wildlife in the Mara, the village chiefs who'll give you a genuine insight into local life and the camp managers who can recommend the very best spot for your sundowner.

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